Application Form for Entrepreneur Elders Group (EEG)

Thank you for taking the time to apply to this group. The more in depth you answer these questions the better we can see if we are a match in working together.  This group is not for everyone and we are very clear about we are here to work with. Much of the magic of this group is our members.

Let the adventure begin here!
Your First Name? *

Your Last Name? *

How did you hear about us?

What country do you live in? *

Do you know any of the other elders, if so who?

Do you kick kittens or small animals? *

Please share the name of the company you will be growing with us and your position? *

What is the Revenue of the Company listed per year? *

Do you have any other companies you would like to share you have been a founder of or are building now? *

We must share with you that the minimum one of your companies MUST be doing in revenue is half a million a year.  Majority of our members are well over a million in revenue. Do you agree to this? *

We do this to weed out starters in business.  Other courses exists for them.  If you are starting a new venture yet have experience founding others that is okay.
Lets assume is has been 12 months in this group what would you most like out of it? *

How many employees do you have? *

What can you bring to the group that other high performing awakening entrepreneurs will find valuable? *

What types of adventures have you taken in your life or would you like to go on? *

(basically tell us about some of your best adventures you have taken in you life)

Example: Went to the jungle spent time with the people of the amazon)
What changes would you like to make in this world through your business? *

Thank you for your application, we will review it and get back to you with next steps within 72 business hrs.

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